Trip Information

If you wish to speak to us, you should have this information ready:

Ticket types

We suggest you think about the places, you wish to visit and give us a “list of your must-see places”, that you definitely wish to visit on your travels, because then we will be able to give you the best possible advice and your most cost-effective routing.

A list of “second choice non-essential maybe destinations” would be nice as on many of the Round the World tickets, we might be able to fit those in as additional stopovers free of charge.

As there are various Round the World tickets and a lot of different multi-stopover fares for everyone students and non-students alike, having your list of preferred places, would really help us a lot to determine, which type of Round the World ticket would be most suitable in terms of cost and fitting all your stops in plus also maybe offering some extra free stopovers en route, that you may not have even thought about before. To optimize your itinerary further, we offer flights into one city – allowing you the freedom of independent ground travel arrangements to another city, perhaps by train, bus, boat or one of our tours – from where you would then resume your journey. Flying into one city and then continuing your journey from another does count as just ONE stopover, saving you money and time as you won’t have to backtrack.

When are you thinking of starting your trip?

In terms of airfares, prices are determined by the “Ex-UK season”, that means, if you leave the UK and start travelling in July/August or around Christmas/New Year, you will be paying high season fares.It could save you a lot to depart during the off-peak season, i.e. in November or February. Being a bit flexible with your travel dates and UK-departure airport, would help us finding you the lowest fares.

Extras, that you might require?

Premium economy, business or First Class upgrades can be booked as an entire route or just for individual flight sectors, when permitted and we can advise on one way/half way around the world tickets and explore options to extend your 12 months stay.

We arrange working holiday visas, travel insurance, accommodation, pre-paid cash cards / foreign currency for your piece of mind, and a  multitude of budget travel (coach/rail) & hop-on-hop off passes, car hire, adventure, activity, nature and wildlife and special interest tours to suit every taste and a lot, lot more.

Any more questions, that we can help you with?

Preparing properly for a trip is very important, not just when and where to go, but also what you take with you and what precautions you should take. We are happy to help and give tips and general advice, how to go about planning this, also in terms of budgeting, visas, vaccinations, seasons and weather (as you may not want to be caught out during the monsoon at your first destination and in the midst of the winter at your next. In which order to travel, how long to stay at each place – most of our tickets allow flexibility to change your dates and for Round the World even to change your route. We can assist to fit it all nicely together to make sense of it all and ensure smooth, relaxed and comfortable travels everywhere you go ), etc.?

What are airport taxes

Airport tax is money, that the airport is charging you to use its facilities. This generally can include arrival and departure taxes of the individual airports, that you fly in and out of, but also for the countries’ government in question. This used to be collected at the airports, but is now payable in advance, when you purchase your ticket. There are still a few countries in which your taxes are collected at the airport upon departure. Recently there have been two major additional charges added to the airport taxes – Security charges and fuel surcharges, which due to the rising oil prices have been gone up steadily.

Typically on a Round the World (RTW) ticket, where you will be flying into and out of many different countries and airports, taxes will be a few hundred pounds. When you change any existing already issued RTW tickets, taxes would need to be re-calculated and regularly the difference in taxes will have to be paid as well on top of any RTW datechange fees.

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