Round The World

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We are your round the world specialists

Round the World trips are a great cost effective way to travel large distances and enjoy the beauty of different cities and cultures. It is also perfect to fill in your gap year. Unicorn Travel has been specializing since 1986 in creating unique bespoke personalized around the world itineraries and adventures. We have extensive first hand travel experience and are here to help.

Mike has a great passion for travel and for 5 years travelled “off the beaten track” and explored many wild and remote locations around the world. Our around the world, multi-stopover, sector fares and air passes allow you endless options and possibilities of combining destinations around the globe.

We are happy to explain and to personalize your own itinerary to make sure you maximize your stopovers (from just a few to an unlimited number of permitted stopovers) and mileage (up to 25,000 or 29,000 miles and above) to get the most for your money.

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