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Stirling University Staff Travel bookings:
Stress-free business travel with a simple approach to booking.

Flights, multi-stopovers, complex itineraries and round the world tickets, hotels, trains, taxis, airport transfers, car hire, ferries, airport transfers
UK, Europe & worldwide

Our aim is to produce a fast and efficient service, offering the best prices to business travellers and to students and the public alike.

We are open to all (students, staff, business travellers, visitors & the general public), year round, appointments welcome at Stirling University

Why book with us?

* 21 years of experience
* Easy to book,
* best prices, * tailor made travel arrangements to suit your individual needs
* we accept requisition/purchase orders to invoice for your University of Stirling staff (Unicorn Travel) bookings.

How to book:
* Contact us
* We will send your travel options
* Once you are happy with the travel option, contact us. We then book your travels and email you your travel ticket documents.

Save yourself and your department time and money and book with us.

Ready to book now?
We are looking forward to assisting you with your travel arrangements.


Mike,, 07429251980

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