Gap Year Costs

To help you on your way for your gap year or trip we’ve got some helpful hints

Pre-departure costs:

  • Your Round the World flight
  • Your travel insurance
  • Any pre-booked travel arrangements, travel passes, tours, accommodation, incl. working holiday visas, etc

Costs during your travels


  • Hostels worldwide, you can give an average of £12 – £18 per night, some places less, some more.
  • Camping, depending where you are could range from nil to £10 per night

Daily transport

  • Cost will depend on the speed and the distances, it should average at about £10 a day

Daily food

  • Buy food in a supermarket and prepare your meals yourself, this should come to about £5 per day


  • You have travelled far to a place you might never come back to again, so it might be worthwhile to spend that extra for a special tour, entrance fee, as that is part of the experience of going there

Extras & spending money

  • postcards, telephone bills, socializing. This depends hugely on your lifestyle and spending habits, those extras could range from nothing to a fortune. Budget wisely!

Even though the pound has lost some of its value, currently it is still true, that food will be cheaper than in the UK in most countries, that you visit.

We hope this helps a bit.

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